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Every time.  


From high-traffic, heavy duty industrial floors to schools looking to maintain buildings and meet tight budget requirements, we can help.  Partnering with Masonry Water Solutions has proven to be a win/win for dozens of manufacturing facilities, commercial building owners, schools, churches and more.


Our services include:


•    Complete re-pointing services

•    Lintel replacement


•    Vapor blasting​

•    Control joint repair and installation

•    Bollard installation

•    Graffiti removal



In addition to these services, Masonry Water Solutions specializes in next generation water, salt, and chemical repellents.  Because most damage to masonry is caused by water, minerals, and chemicals, our industrial-grade cleaners and repellents stop masonry issues at the source.  These products generally last seven or more years between applications and are a fraction of the cost of replacement.  They include:


•    Breathable water repellents for concrete


•    Breathable water repellents for brick, block and stone


•    Cleaners for biological or environmental staining on concrete, brick, block and stone


•    Many other unique products​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.



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